Hyperledger Global Forum 2018

In December 2018 the first Global Forum of the Hyperledger Foundation will take place in Switzerland. It is an amazing opportunity for experts in the fields of enterprise blockchain, DLT technologies and security to meet and exchange views on how the projects of Hyperledger Foundation are forming the technological ecosystems of tomorrow’s enterprises. If you are planning to visit, drop me a line. I ll be more than happy to meet you and share about ideas or experiences on the topic.

Ethereum’s Proof of Stake demystified

If you have been on the hype-train of blockchains and following the news, you must already have heard that Ethereum network is planning to switch from its Proof of Work (PoW), to a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm. This change has been debated for a while, and it is considered to be a major change in the way the Ethereum network works.

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Electronic Frontier Foundation: Surveillance Self-Defense

I just felt I had to share this one.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has been doing a great job for years. EFF once again provides internet users with a wonderful guide on how to protect themselves in the digital world.

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Victory for Net Neutrality in Europe

“Today, the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) published its guidelines on net neutrality.

This is a victory for civil society, whose relentless involvement secured the principles of a free and open internet in Europe. By demanding strong net neutrality in record numbers, Europeans managed to overcome massive lobbying by the telecom industry and narrowly avert a catastrophe for the internet.”


via https://juliareda.eu

Cloudflare CAPTCHA: a timing attack threat on TOR users

Internet is NOT a safe place… Even the most innocent – looking of its elements can threat users’ privacy and anonymity…

When this is done by an integral piece of tech like CAPTCHA’s from a major service provider like Cloudflare, then it is definitely interesting news…

“Cloudflare’s insistence on solving reCAPTCHA puzzles when visitors are coming from Tor exit nodes to one of the 2 million web sites that Cloudflare ‘protects’ can be very instrumental for traffic analysis and de-anonymizing of Tor users.”

via https://cryptome.org/

Connecting to Gtalk / Jabber / XMPP from many resources

Being connected to your chat accounts from multiple resources is something very common. I – for example – am constantly connected to my chat accounts from my PC and smart-phone, that is 2 resources at least. The issue that arises now is the following: What happens when you receive a message while connected from multiple resources to the same account? Which resource gets the notification? And most importantly: If you use encryption, with which resource’s key is the message encrypted?

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Python script for email notifications on Linux desktop

Since I switched from KDE to XFCE, I had to setup everything again in order to get the functionality I was getting through KDE’s widgets and other tools. I got most of it through the XFCE panel’s widgets and Conky, but for some reason, the XFCE’s email checker doesn’t work for me. I am setting it up and seems to connect, but there are no notifications coming. No errors are shown in the logs, so I guess it might be either a small bug or it finds it hard for some reason to cooperate with my server.

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How to fix the KDE5 system tray issue

As described here I do not consider KDE5 ready for everyday use, as there are some important features missing as well as several bugs.

One of the things that annoyed me after installing Kubuntu 15.04, was the fact that gnome apps wouldn’t register to the system tray. But there is a solution ’till the KDE devs introduce a permanent fix…

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